Best next offer: get ahead with predictive analytics

Discover how you can use past transactional behaviour to predict a customer’s most likely next purchase.

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Best next offer

By understanding a customer’s past buying behaviour you can highlight products that they are most likely to be interested in next. Armed with this knowledge, you can deliver highly targeted, personalised marketing communications to improve the chances of them making a purchase.

In this free eGuide we’ll show you how to make this happen by:

  • Looking at the propensity and popularity of past purchases
  • Excluding the possibility of suggesting already purchased products
  • Filtering the data going into the model in order to produce accurate results

How you use technology to personalise and refine best next offer recommendations will determine the success of your campaigns.

Basket analysis

To investigate multiple product lines that are most frequently bought in the same transaction or by the same customer.

Affinity Cube

Generated by the best next offer wizard to explore which items are often purchased together.


To remove recently purchased products from the best next offer suggestion for each customer.

The best next offer suggestion is produced as a virtual variable so all the usual FastStats analysis tools can be used to explore and review the results.”

Learn how the right technology can help you learn from previous purchasing behaviour and create personalised recommendations based on predictive analytics.

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