5 real-world examples to help charity marketers increase supporter retention

Discover how charities can use marketing technology to maximise loyalty with data-driven insights.

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Maintaining and growing the support of existing donors has become a top priority for charities.

Central to achieving this is marketing technology, which can help to extract more value from the data you already have on your supporters.

Getting started may be easier than you think. Our free eGuide shares five actionable examples that reveal how you can use martech to maximise donor loyalty and boost your most important fundraising KPIs. In it, you’ll also discover: 

  • Which fundraising KPIs are most relevant for supporter retention
  • Why data is the charity sector’s biggest challenge
  • Step-by-step advice on how to use data-driven insights 

Find out how martech can help you:

Minimise churn

Strengthen your donor and supporter base

Maximise engagement

Send the right messages at the right time

Become an expert

Tap into rich insights without specialist training

Supercharge your fundraising efforts with martech

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