How data teams, outsourcing and martech investment changed in the year of the pandemic

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Find out how marketing teams were affected by the challenges of 2020 and discover what the most important data trends will be for marketing, campaign and data insight software users in 2021.

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  • Marketing team sizes and outsourcing decisions
  • Investment in marketing technology (martech)
  • Plans for the future, including adoption of AI

Learn from 150 data scientists, analysts, marketing communications and campaign professionals


of all respondents have 2-4 tools in their marketing stack.


cite integration with internal systems as the top martech priority.


identified customer journey analytics as most important for 2021.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought new and unexpected challenges for team sizes, outsourcing, with general disruption to activities. The new challenge for marketing and data insight teams is to learn what has changed and adapt communications and campaigns as quickly as possible.”

- James Alty, Managing Director, Apteco

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