The essential charity marketer’s guide to legacy fundraising

Discover how personalised marketing can help increase your charity’s legacy donations.

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Legacy donors sit at the top of the donor pyramid for good reason

15% to 20% of all voluntary income received by UK charities comes from bequests, making legacy donors extremely important to charity marketers. However, the process of recruiting and maintaining a relationship with them comes with distinct challenges.

Our free eGuide delves into the largely untapped opportunities in legacy fundraising and how you can increase legacy donations with marketing automation. In it, you’ll learn: 

  • What legacy giving is and why it’s so valuable  
  • The complex challenges of legacy fundraising
  • How to use marketing automation to nurture potential legacy donors 

Find out how personalised marketing can help you:


Minimise churn

Predict who is most likely to be a legacy donor


Maximise engagement

Send the right messages at the right time


Save money

Target only the most responsive potential donors

Improve your legacy fundraising efforts with marketing automation

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