Right message, right person, right time

Event-driven marketing creates a special experience for every single customer.

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Finding the right moment to communicate the right message

To cut through the incessant noise of marketing messages, we need to make ourselves heard at exactly the right time. In this guide, we’ll show how event-driven marketing raises conversions, open rates, and customer loyalty.

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  • How mail-outs can be limited to those who have recently dealt with the company, increasing the chances of a positive response.
  • How to create personalised campaigns for each customer, with tailored communications on key dates in their life.
  • How technology allows you to send notifications and push messages at exactly the right moment.

A range of triggers to deliver a variety of benefits


Higher response rates with marketing messages based on event triggers.


Marketing messages we interact with every day.


The basket abandonment rate in some industries.

Transactions, downloads, store visits, subscription expiries, agreements, points collected – a company often has multiple potential triggers. ”

Learn how to create time-based, internal, and external triggers to improve campaign performance

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