Precision targeting for razor-sharp campaigns

Discover how predictive weight of evidence (PWE) modelling can enable you to analyse huge volumes of data and identify relevant prospects and customers at speed.

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Predictive weight of evidence (PWE) modelling for more relevant and personalised campaigns

Customer segmentation is a crucial aspect of a marketer’s planning. It can be the difference between high-performing campaigns and irrelevant messages and offers that drive customers away. This is where PWE delivers huge value.

In our free white paper, we’ll show you the benefits of PWE, including how to:

  • Easily create and apply models to determine the ideal audience
  • Include transactional and customer-level data in your models
  • Quickly analyse massive databases to identify relevant targets

Stop sending irrelevant messages that can cause churn, and start delivering personalised offers to each and every customer.

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Classify: The required characteristics of your ideal target audience.

AP-Landing page-icons-PWE-Identify

Identify: Those that match your parameters, excluding those who do not.

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Apply: Your targets to your campaign to drive higher engagement.

PWE weights are used to create a score for each prospect record in the prospect database, which indicates how likely they are to be a responder. The prospects can then be ranked according to the PWE model score and grouped into segments, and those in the best scoring segments selected for the marketing campaign.”

Start using PWE to crunch your customer database and identify those most likely to respond.

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