How first-party data analysis powers personalisation and individualisation

A practical guide to help you get the value of your first-party data.

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As people’s need for online privacy grows (and the value of third-party cookies declines), organisations must look for creative ways to make the most of their first-party data. 

Our free eGuide delves into the realm of first-party data. In it, you’ll learn:

  • What first-party data is and how it’s different from zero-, second- and third-party data
  • Why combining segmentation, personalisation and individualisation is most effective for your campaigns
  • How to leverage first-party data to create 1:1 marketing campaigns – more than 10 practical examples included 

Discover how you can extract new insights from first-party data for

More effective campaigns

Increase engagement and conversion rates with even more relevant messages


Reach individual customers with the right message at the right time, regardless of their stage in the customer journey

Stronger customer loyalty

Create and maintain unique relationships with your customers

Make every customer interaction more meaningful by making the most of data you already own.

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