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Interactive marketing dashboards

Most marketers know that dashboards are a great way to visualise key data. Interactive marketing dashboards take that to the next level, enabling colleagues to access and interrogate data to get even more insights.

In our free eGuide, we’ll show you the benefits of interactive marketing dashboards, including how to:

  • Find the complex and important stories hidden within your data
  • Create ‘lightbulb’ moments, when data is layered together
  • Produce intelligent audience segments for more effective, better performing campaigns

Using the right technology is key to success. Discover how Apteco marketing software gives you the tools to work with greater speed and accuracy.


Refine a specific aspect of the data to observe its effect on the other dashboard elements.

Drill down

Dig into a specific aspect of the data without affecting the other elements.


You don’t need to be a data specialist to build and share your interactive marketing dashboard.

With interactive dashboards, raw data comes to life. By drawing disparate data elements together, you can build multi-layered stories.”

Start creating configurable and shareable dashboards and ensure your vital data insights are acted on right across the business.

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