Mastering your dashboards with impactful visualisations

Discover which visualisations are best to create an effective dashboard that clearly communicates your data story and aids quick decision making.

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The art and science of great dashboard design

Choosing the right visualisations is key to presenting a clear and coherent story. So where do you start when you want to illustrate complex information without confusing your audience?

To make your visualisation decisions easier, this eGuide provides insight into some of the most powerful and popular chart types and explains which are best suited to different types of data analysis:

  • Get advice on choosing the most appropriate visualisation to ensure that the message and insights you’re trying to convey are not overlooked
  • Discover key insights into 17 of the most popular and powerful visualisations
  • Explore five dashboard styles to show you how you can use your visualisations in real-life business scenarios

Visualisations are vital to communicate real-time, actionable insights.

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