Set the pace towards a more patient focused approach to health.

Discover how marketing methodologies and techniques have a critical role to play as the healthcare market races towards becoming a more patient-led service.

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Step-up to the next level of patient-centric care

With the help of powerful analytics and automation tools, healthcare professionals and organisations can make more informed decisions on how to improve patient experiences and deliver more valuable content to patients, exactly when needed.

Our free eGuide describes the powerful, but simple analytics techniques, that can be used to deliver more relevant, personalised communications. Determine when interventions are needed most and empower people to take control of their heath and engage with their own care.

In this eGuide, find out:

  • Why the shift to patient-centric care is needed now
  • How this approach benefits healthcare organisations and clinical care staff, and most importantly how it adds value for patients
  • Four popular analytics techniques, and how they can be applied in the healthcare sector

Find out how Apteco can help you:


Identify health trends and people who need support

Rapidly load and analyse large healthcare datasets to identify population health trends and cohorts of people who may benefit from additional support.


Think strategically and get proactive with your approach

Using Apteco you can develop and implement proactive approaches for long term condition prevention and management at speed.


Redesign pathways, gently nudge and enable self-care

Implement pathways based on nudge-based communications and interventions, putting individuals at the centre of the care team and enabling self-care.

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