Improve every supporter journey with powerful analytics

An introduction to using supporter journey analytics to better understand donor behaviour and optimise the supporter experience.

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Unlock the full value of supporter journey analytics

When you can monitor supporter journeys to understand where struggles are occurring and which behaviours lead to the best outcomes, you have the knowledge to improve the all-important supporter experience and boost performance.

This is the basis of supporter journey analytics. In our free eGuide we’ll dive into greater detail, including:

  • Expert advice on how to analyse a supporter journey more effectively
  • How supporter journey analytics is different to journey mapping
  • Five key aspects of successful supporter journey analytics

Discover why marketers are prioritising analytics to understand and improve supporter journeys.

Consolidated data

Fuse data from online and offline sources to map out the end-to-end supporter journey.

Journey orchestration

Identify actions and behaviours that lead to positive outcomes, and replicate that across more journeys.

Remove friction

Visualise the cause of struggles and act with speed and confidence to improve supporter experience

By investing in an effective journey analytics platform that brings together all key data into a single location, you can deliver the exceptional experience that today’s supporters demand — and reap considerable rewards as a result.”

- James Alty, Managing Director, Apteco

Remove data silos and assumptions and use customer journey analytics to create better experiences that result in happier, more loyal customers.

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