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Brought to you from the creators of FastStats. Simply login to our Apteco Orbit online platform and get started creating your own interactive marketing dashboards using our sample marketing database. Discover how to transform your dashboarding insights into campaign actions today!

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Do you want to share customer insights and make your marketing data easily digestible? Would it be useful to let others interact with the data themselves in a safe environment to uncover actionable insights?


Login to our fictitious travel company trial system and get started with a new visual way of working. Learn how to:

  • View and share sample dashboards
  • Create a dashboard - discover how dashboards are simple to use and quick to set-up
  • Set up drill down layers so that others can explore and delve into the data
  • Highlight areas of visualisations to apply filters and hone in on particular areas of interest
  • Create audience segments for immediate use in marketing campaigns
  • Speedily analyse 1.1 million people and 2.1 million transactions using our fictitious database of holiday bookings

Apteco's interactive marketing dashboards offer a wide range of beautiful visualisations, helping you and your teams uncover actionable insights for immediate use in campaigns.

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