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Brought to you from the creators of FastStats®, Apteco’s online platform – Orbit, has been designed to help marketers to ensure that every piece of marketing is relevant, targeted, and personal. Connect people and channels, analyse data, target your audience, and manage campaigns – all on one intuitive platform.

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Our end-to-end actionable data insights platform

One place to create audience lists, visualise your data, and activate and optimise high-performance marketing campaigns.

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Learn how to:

  • Speedily analyse 1.1 million people and 2.1 million transactions using our fictitious database of holiday bookings
  • Build and refine target audience selections for immediate use in marketing campaigns
  • Easily design beautifully branded dashboards
  • Apply dashboard filters to hone in on particular areas of interest
  • Drill down into data, in a few simple steps, to uncover actionable insights
  • Choose from a wide range of beautiful visualisations
  • View and share sample dashboards

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